anastasia in black

Untitled Untitled I just made a custom order for one of these dresses in black, so I added it to the shop as a color option. Available here!

I'm behind on everything. Things got unexpectedly busy and I'm really grateful for that, in fact, thank you! At the same time my inbox is dreadfully neglected. So I'm sorry if I owe you an email! Or if you're an "IRL" friend and I owe you a text/call/email/ or something. That's probably a lame cop out for being too tired and just wanting to go home and watch TV everynight. Over the spring I got used to working 11-12hr days 5-6 days a week while Jesse was working and in school, and now that the summer school session is over, I find going back to a normal 8 hour days rather challenging and not long enough to get everything done in. I find myself getting home and thinking "what am I supposed to do now?!" Sitting still is something I'm still learning how to do.