b & s - i'm waking up to us

Even though I'm no longer a teenager (not that they are just for teenagers, it's just how I measure the different phases I have gone through), I can't help but having a soft spot for Belle and Sebastian.  I dug out my old (and dusty) CDs today and put them in the car and have been enjoying driving around listening their old albums.  By far, my favorites remain Stay Loose, Lazy Line Painter Jane, Beautiful, Women's Realm, Sleep Around the Clock, and I'm Waking Up to Us.


erica said...

oh yay belle and sebastian! around 2008 i stopped listening to music and only started up again in 2011. i've been listening to a lot of albums from 99-05 lately. lazy line painter jane is one of my favorites!

Vanessa + Jenny said...

I have a soft spot for Belle & Sebastian too! I hadn't listened to their music for a few years but recently saw Stuart Murdoch's film "God Help The Girl" and then went home and played all of my fave B&S tracks. What a trip down memory lane!