russet sweater & another sweater

russet sweater / wool alpaca russet sweater / wool alpaca russet sweater / wool alpaca russet sweater / wool alpaca

I finished a sweater I started quite some time ago. Rust colored yarn in a wool alapca blend. One of a kind, available here.  Also, the sale section has been updated and there are additional discounts on some items!

And since this post is about sweaters, I've been meaning to share this picture of a sweater I made back at Christmas time.  It's from a wool and the gang pattern, the sonic sweater.  I made a few modifications : I knit the front and back in one piece, dropping & adding the stitches for the neck and then used DPNS to knit the collar.  I'm glad I did this because shoulder seaming with yarn so thick leaves an unsightly ridge.  Over time I've come to realize I'm a very loose knitter because I can never use the needles a pattern recommends, I have to go down 2-4 sizes to get the correct gauge.  But, I couldn't do that with this pattern because it required size 50 needles and I couldn't find any just a little smaller than that online.  So the knit is a little looser than I'd like, but what can you do?