long dress

I've been on the look out for a long white knit dress like the Celine one in the first picture.  I didn't think finding one similar would be possible, but yesterday I stumbled across this one while walking around downtown, and while I'm somewhat surprised (well not that surprised) - it is exactly like the Celine one.   It runs really small though.  I preferred the looser fit of the large, but it dragged on the ground for me, so I went with the medium and hope it will stretch a bit.  The cotton is really nubby and nice.  I would consider getting a second and dying it black because it really is a perfect dress. 


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julia said...

I've been eyeing the first picture for months, so happy to find something like it!

Unknown said...

It is beautiful. Where did you find it? Can it be ordered online? Thank you for the help. With kindest wishes