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+ New idea :  I'm going to turn our "dining room" into a room full of orange and lemon trees.  I'm just waiting until the end of February or at least until the temperatures aren't so low (shipping concerns), then I will order about 4-6 trees.  Hopefully between all the trees and the light we get in there I can pretend I'm in an actual conservatory.

+ Where are we going to put another foot of snow this weekend?  Not that I'm not grateful for a few snow days, but the storms keep happening on the weekends and Monday, making it hard to plan any weekend trips or day trips.  We might try to go to Newport tomorrow to see a few more "cottages" but wondering if it will be too windy?

+ If I was going to quit my job, part of me would really like to work in an intelligence agency.  (It's never too late for a career change right?)  Though if that was the case, the first point made on the job application page for the CIA states you can't inform anyone you are applying, so I guess that option is out the window, ha.

+ We haven't gone on a real trip in about two years.  I really wish we could, but between our jobs, grad school, and finances, it just doesn't seem feasible for another year.  Hopefully when we can, we'll go somewhere awesome.