i wish that we rented this apartment we looked at.  by the time we realized we should have taken it, it was gone.  we had concerns over a dank smell in the kitchen - which is the main reason we want to move right now - so it seemed counter productive to move to a place that also has a mold problem*.... but dang - look at that floor and molding!  and right down town!  so many pluses! 

when we look at apartments, we always say maybe there's something better out there.   i think you could say that indefinitely and moving forward we are adapting a go get 'em attitude.

these past two months have been rough.  jesse has been dealing with an ongoing and very disruptive medical issue (not life threatening, don't worry!) but frustrating to both of us none the less and leaving us little energy for everything else.   little things that might seem small compound on top of this and the effect can feel insurmountable.  it makes you want to move into a place like above (and below) and push all your worries away.

*i think someone should start a lifestyle blog about the area of their home they are the most annoyed by / ashamed of.   it would be hilarious, especially if it was done properly ;p