Friday Favorites 8.7.20

Oh My Runaway Bicycle.
This amazing brand out of Mumbai is one of our favorites. They have the best textiles and whimsical approach to everything they do. This week we are picking out favorites of the bunch! Though, yes, it is hard to pick favorites. 

These are Elyses-
I am a huge textile nerd, I majored in it anyway and the fabrics are flawless. They are handwoven which means they are full of little goodies that show the hand of the maker. I also love the hand-painted stripe below. I may or may not have walked away with one of these!


I know this dress is already gone, but I wanted to talk to you about how amazing this silk is!  I think the floral pattern is digitally printed on a soft thick modal silk - I'm not quite sure what you'd call the weave, but it has a such a nice drape.  And I have never seen a print quite like it! 

Is it a PJ set? Is it an outfit? Can it be both? I don't know about you, but I find myself kind of combining the two lately. What with all the time I'm spending at home, comfort is key, and I find myself wearing things like this all the time.