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Welcome to our first edition of “The Rennes Edit” 
We will be creating roundups of our favorite items in the shop and sending them out as a little collection for inspiration. For our first edit, we will be looking at gifts. Yes, it may seem early, but the holiday season is sneaking up on us, and there will be places to go, people to see, gifts to give. Gift-giving is always difficult, but we have some great options for the perfect host or hostess a gift, something for your boss or for your great aunt, and even something special for you!

Julia’s edit
It’s always hard to pick, but this season here are some of my favorite pieces, either for gifting or for me (haha). I’ll walk you through each one and tell you what’s so great.

First up, I’d love to tell you that one of my favorite things in the shop right now is the Rose Struck fragrance by Liis ($165-).  Historically speaking, I have never been a scent person, but I always appreciate and love a special one, and their scents take the cake!  You may have heard Elyse, and I say we can’t decide between Studied and Rose Struck, and I’m still not one hundred percent decided, but for now, I’m saying it’s Rose Struck.  The main note I smell is Lychee, and the smell just makes my imagination travel to so many places.  I need to stay away from the shop tester; otherwise, I might keep using it daily ;-) I’m sure this would be a great gift for either you or someone special.

Next up, I recommend a sure shop and customer favorite - Drogheria Crivellini Slides ($168-). These are currently available in most sizes in the Navy, though we also still have a few sizes left in Black and Ivory.   The Navy is nice to me because you don’t often see navy shoes, so that makes them special.  In the winter, I often wear a big oversized navy sweater with navy wool pants, and I think these would pair perfectly.  

How can we leave out the sheep soap?  These would be sure to make anyone on your gift list smile ($8-).  I have used many of them at home already.  I first came across them at a shop in Paris a few years ago, and back then, I thought, we need to find a way to carry these in the shop.  It took a little bit of sleuthing to find them, and now they’ve become a customer favorite both in our brick and mortar and online shops.

After having an Aseedonclöud sheep scarf ($78-) since last spring (which I use almost every day either around my neck or hair) when our scarf re-stock arrived yesterday, I decided I needed a Hydrangea one too because I had FOMO last season.  Today, it’s already around my neck because I’m that pumped about it.  I have it paired today with a moleskin set and velvet slides, and I feel all cozy for the 40-degree weather that has just arrived in Philly.

Where would the holiday season be without snacks?!  At the shop, we are big fans of snacks; in fact, we have a whole drawer just devoted to snacks.  If we were feeling fancy, we would break out one of these Blackcreek boards and put all of our snacks on them ($173-$598-).  You can choose between different sizes and colors, so what’s not to love?

My whole life, I have always loved rabbits. When we happen to come across things for the shop that are rabbit-themed, we get them! So here is a rabbit comb that I know someone will love ($42-).

Elyse’s edit-
It is oh so hard to choose! There are so many things that are wonderful for the different types of people on your list!

Perfect hostess or host gifts are these amazing soaps from Austria ($8-). They are beautiful in both appearance and scent, and they have a great bubble and lather! Here at the shop, we love smelling them and picking our favorite scent of the day. Sweet Bamboo and Blood Orange are frequent favorites. 

For something more personal, I like our French Hairpins ($68-)! I have been wearing mine nonstop, and it makes such a chic and easy bun, perfect for the person who is always pushing their hair out of their face or loves a classic French look. 

Our first-ever perfumes in the shop are incredible ($165-). Liis is an amazing brand out of the US, and they make the most magical scents. As with the soaps, our favorites are constantly changing, but right now, mine is Studied

Another perfect hostess gift is this whimsical and adorable vase by Feldspar ($186-). I love how the simple blue and white color palette makes this an easy gift to give because it will match almost any decor! The little handles on the side give this vase a unique look, and it looks great on a bookshelf just waiting for the perfect bouquet!

The Paper Plane Bag by Melete is one of the chicest bags ($456-). It is incredibly beautiful while still being incredibly practical. You can go hands-free and look cute while doing it. It is a wonderful gift for the busy person in your life who loves fashion but has things to do. 

Finally, I am adding the Apuntob Cashmere Scarves ($305-$495-). I am sensitive to wool, so typically, wool or cashmere scarves are no-nos, but this scarf feels like a dream. A big soft cloud of cashmere to keep you warm and cozy on cold days. 
We hope you liked some of our suggestions. You can find our whole gift collection here! There are a lot more wonderful pieces to choose from so take a look! 
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