I have rugs on my brain lately: I'm trying to find a perfect off white rug for our living room. I would love to get a real Moroccan Berber carpet, but unfortunately they are out of my price range. West Elm seems to have one in the same style, but every time I buy something from West Elm I'm disappointed in the quality and end up returning it. Plus, it's still a pretty penny! There's also the one in the middle from Anthropologie. Maybe I will just have to admire these from a far.


joyce said...

I have such trouble with rugs. Everything I like is a gazillion dollars!

Meghan said...

I was thinking of trying to DIY a rug like this. There are a few good, cheap, large cream-colored rugs at Ikea and some people have experimented with fabric paints or dyes on rugs.

k. wang said...

yea, rugs are super hard. what about ebay? with (lots) of patience i know people have super lucked out there. or there's also meghan's idea of diy; you could easily diy this with a stretch of canvas and fabric paint if the pattern is more important than the pile-y texture (i did this on a small bathroom rug w/canvas and it worked out great).

julia said...

Joyce - uhg, I know me too! I wish there were some nicer in between options!!

Meghan - That's a good idea! I bet you could come up with some cool things like that!

K - Yes! Ebay is great for that, I look on there pretty frequently, I've always got my eye out :)