loup charmant

I've been thinking on and off about these two dresses from Loup Charmant - aren't they pretty? I just wish I had a nice event to wear them too! They are very nice in white, but would also be perfect in black. I suppose there's so much grey gloomy weather right now that I can't help but think about light and airy summer clothes!


erica said...

i have the scallop dress, which i love, but i must admit it's a pain to keep nice and clean! also, it requires more ironing than i have time for.

the organic cotton feels amazing, though, and i would buy the raglan dress in a heartbeat (as well as the peasant blouse). the weather has been temperamental here, too. i hate having to carry an umbrella or rain jacket even if the skies are clear.

ilana kohn said...

man do i love loop charmant. :) ultimate summer duds.

jennifer said...

i've been admiring these dresses too, though all that pristine whiteness really frightens me. i know i'd probably spill coffee all over it.

for what it's worth, shop pretty mommy has the scallop dress in a nice shade of green. there's a 20% off promo going on right now too. :)

k. wang said...

both dresses are super cute, but the photos of these dresses looks crazy! maybe it's just me, but it looks like they're somewhere between see through/glowing white due to how the shadows of the seams look relative that stark, stark white.

Chaucee said...

This dress is great!

julia said...

erica - that's right! i totally forgot you have the scallop dress - i remember now all those nice family pictures you had taken a bit ago! how does the sizing run? i don't know if it would be best to get a small or medium.

ilana - totally! ahhh i just want t go on vacation!

jennifer - you know, i would totally spill something as well - or some one would spill something one me - haha, i always seem to be a magnet for red wine even thought i don't drink it myself! i love that blue color at pretty mommy!! and 20% off, so tempting!

k - that's so funny that you say that about the lighting because Jesse said the exact same thing when i showed him to get his "approval". it's a fun way to photograph them though!

chaucee - :) they're so nice!